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Crown molding is the ornamentation of wood beams along the top of walls or the base of ceilings to add a subtle dimension to the top of your wall. Crown molding is so popular because it adds a sophisticated, elegant touch to walls, making homes appear more aesthetically appealing and striking. In fact, crown molding adds a nostalgic influence to any home décor. It gives a particular authenticity due to the way it is designed and how where it is placed inside the home.


The history of crown molding is intriguing to say the least. What many people are astonished to uncover is that crown molding was not developed only to add a nice decorating impression to walls. During the late Renaissance era, crown molding was created to conceal flaws on walls where they linked to the ceiling. However, today, crown molding is installed more for its appeal more so than to cover up imperfections.

Different Types of Crown Molding

Crown molding made from wood has two textures, soft wood that is easier to size and cut, and hardwoods that are a bit harder to cut but appear grander and more opulent. Medium density fiberboard, or MDF, and high compact polyurethane foam are fantastic substitutes for wood because they are so easy to paint. Nonetheless, if you are thinking about one of these types of materials, the foam may be the better choice. This is because it is not as heavy to work with, requires adhesive instead of screws, and will not contract due to the climate or age, like wood.

Molding can be basic or adorned with complex designs. Conceptual lines and metaphors of foliage and other plant imagery are the most common designs found. However, homeowners have the choice of selecting custom-made crown molding for a certain room.

The materials, size, and design used for crown molding in a specific room actually depends on whether the molding will be stained or painted. In addition, it depends on how much the homeowner wants to spend since some styles can be quite expensive.

Crown Molding Installation

The primary challenge with installing crown molding is getting to the top of the wall. You will need a firm, well-built ladder or dais to stand on. To cut the molding into lengths, you will have to remember to miter the corner cuts with a miter box, and use minute finishing nails to fasten the molding. Large nails and holes will take away from the look of your molding. Recess the nails, and afterwards fill the holes with paste. In addition, put paste wherever molding pieces meet.

Despite the type of molding you select, installing it in your home can be completed as a DIY project. Just be sure that the cut-corners are correct in order to make sure the pieces meet properly along your wall and ceiling.

DIY or Professional

You may want to contact a professional to assist you with your crown molding installation. It is easy to get caught up in the idea of the finished look, but it may be too much too handle when it comes to getting it just right.