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A decorative ceiling medallion brings charm and exquisiteness to your space. Ceiling medallions are most often placed around chandeliers or ceiling fans, though they can also be used alone to cover imperfections in a ceiling or simply to add interest to a room. At, we carry long-lasting polyurethane ceiling medallions, which are lighter weight and lower cost than traditional materials, as well as a selection of real wood ceiling medallions.

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Our ceiling medallions come in nearly every shape and pattern imaginable. From standard round medallions to ovals, diamonds, and abstract cut-outs, there is more variety in ceiling medallions than you might expect. Next, you'll choose your molding pattern, from smooth, modern ceiling medallions to classical, ornate details. Aside from our extensive selection of surface patterns, you also have the option to paint or stain your polyurethane ceiling medallion using oil- or latex-based products.

Installing a Ceiling Medallion:

Ceiling medallions add that little bit of framing and elegance to a chandelier, ceiling fixture or even a ceiling fan. In this ceiling medallion installation video, Ron shows what’s necessary to remember when installing your decorative ceiling medallion. Remember, the easiest way to paint a medallion is before you mount it on the ceiling, touching up any filled screw holes after installation is complete. Polyurethane medallions can be painted with oil or latex paint or even using a gel or solid stain. When a larger hole is required, ceiling medallions are easily cut to take on a larger fixture or mounting bracket as shown in the video.