No Nail Crown Molding On Sale | Easy Install Foam Crown Molding

Using the same technology that adheres heavy tiles to vertical surfaces, you can now hang decorative mouldings throughout your home, fasters and easier; and with the use of our pre-cut matching corners, your visitors will think you hired a professional carpenter. No-Nail Crown Moulding from “Creative Crown” is TRULY the easiest crown moulding installation that you will find on the market today; with a premanent hold and fire rating that puts traditional millwork products to shame.

“So simple, even my husband could do it.”

If you're a handy DIYer or just looking to save money on crown molding, you'll want to check out these no-nail crown molding options. You'll not only find great prices here at, but you'll also be able to save hundreds to thousands of dollars by not needing professional installation.

No-nail crown molding is made of condensed styrene foam for a lighter weight molding that doesn't require nails to stay in place. Homeowners can easily install these moldings themselves using our pre-cut corners and simple adhesive installation process. When properly installed, these moldings are permanent just like any professionally installed molding—the only difference is how much money you'll save getting no-nail crown molding from

Most no-nail moldings feature a smooth pattern and run between 2” and 8” in height. This makes them appropriate for standard 8-foot ceilings all the way up to 14-foot ceilings. For a more refined look, we also offer excellently priced no-nail corner blocks to add an extra polished and professional appearance