Column Capitals | Fiberglass Column Capitals, Architectural Replacement Capitals

All decorative capitals (Roman Corinthian, Scamozzi, Roman Ionic, Temple of the Winds) up to 16″ come with an extended neck that is meant to slide into the column shaft (not pictured). Larger decorative capitals or 18″ and up are as pictured or without the extended neck. If bought with our column shafts, larger capitals come with an embedded L-bracket that lines up with embedded brackets in the shaft for installation purposes. We are able to remove extended necks and not insert L-brackets so please let us know if you need that done at time of order. As always, We Guarantee the Lowest Price so if you found a better price, let us beat it significantly. All capitals and bases are made to order and are not returnable. We have been distributing building products for over 20 years so shop confidently.

The column capital is the topmost piece of the column. It is usually wider than the column to help evenly distribute the weight it bears. Capitals are available in more decorative styles than the base of the column or even the column itself, making them an important part of the overall design aesthetic. We custom-make our decorative capitals from strong, durable fiberglass to perfectly fit your existing or new columns. With our direct-to-the-public distributor prices, you can cut out the middleman and save hundreds to thousands of dollars on your column project.

Our Tuscan capitals, which are smooth round or square designs, are our most affordably priced products in this category. For a more intricate shape and pattern, we recommend our Roman Corinthian, Scamozzi, Roman Ionic, and Temple of the Winds designs.