LaTEST Testimonials from our customers

Thank you so much for the beautiful crown molding and the advise that you offered in not using the corners. Now that I understand the process better, I am delighted with the outcome. We will use you again.

E. T. Arkansas, 2017

Shipping was a bit slower than expected on my last order, but the quality and service is second to none.

E. C. LA, 2017

Great Service, Decent Shipping Times, Great Product. Thanks!

M. N. TX, 2017

Testimonials From 2016

Definately a great deal.Your pricing was the best that we could find and we were certainly delighted with the outcome.

B. T. OK, 2016

We did the one room as a test and agree that we need to go a bit bigger. I can hardly wait until the next order gets here.

J. M. OH., 2016

My apartment has gone from Plain to spectacular. It’s like people walk out of the halway and thing they are in an ulternate universe. I wish I had more rooms that I could do.

S. I. NH, 2016

I got everything I needed and great delivery. Thanks.

Cheryl, Louisiana, 2016

We have installed the baluster stystem in the first residence on the lake. Now we have orders for 5 more and the great thing is that our customers want other work done while we are there. It’s like you’re putting America back to work, at least in this neighborhood.

Eric, North Carolina, 2016

When I tried to compare your prices to the prices on other sites, I found that they were pretty good, but what was more interesting is that I would need to buy the same products from three different sites, if I didn’t buy they all from you. Great Selection . . .Thanks

Bradley, NJ 2016

Testimonials from 2015 and Before

I would like you to know how pleased I was with my recent purchase of 4 Solo Corbels. After they were painted and put in place, they added a fine detail to my formal living room. I look forward to using your products in the future.

W. P. UT, 2015

. . .thanks for your prompt attention and response!
I’m a designer/architect, and quality, as well as attention to detail means everything in any project I touch. . . . Thanks for your help, your quick response . ..Adds up to good service.

G D, CA, 2015

. . .appreciate your fast response and focus on customer satisfaction.

J M. VA, 2015

They arrived today. Thank you very much for your prompt attention to my question. I look forward to dealing with your group again.

B. Y., New York, 2015

I want to thank you for your prompt response to my order issues.Your service helped to cement my decision to use your company for my ceiling medallions (I placed the order yesterday)!Once my kitchen cabinets are finished, I plan to use Profile Supply for any other decorative touches I plan to add.Thanks again!

J. L., Louisiana, 2014

Thank you very much. . .I am extremely pleased and will continue to be a loyal customer.

D D, GA, 2014

I got all of the packages ordered just last week and they are all installed and look wonderful. Thank you for your fast service.

J. M., CA, 2013

You do everything you say you do and you do it well. To bad I don’t get to say that more often these days.

R. M., CA, 2013

One of the crown moldings was damaged in shipping but I had no problem getting the replacement sent out within days. Thank you for making this easy.

A. S, NJ, 2012

You are really nice to take the time . . .What wonderful, old fashioned customer service in these high tech times! I really appreciate the extra efforts you’ve made to make this easier. Please tell your boss that you’re awesome!

L Z, CA, 2012

Melanie, thank you for everything. I just got it yesterday and I will be in New York next week to install it and see how it looks. I will definitely order from your company in the future, you really have followed thru on everything you said. Sincerely,

A., New York, 2012

Thank you so much for the speedy shipping. My order was exactly what I wanted. Your sales associate was very helpful and courteous.

J C. PA, 2011