4 & 5 Inch Crown Molding On Sale | Crown Moulding Trims & Profiles

Our 4” to 5” crown molding offer the canvas space you need to significantly enhance your home’s design. This size molding work best on standard 8-ft to 10-ft ceilings and goes particularly well in rooms that also feature taller baseboards, wider window trim, etc. Our polyurethane products ensure your crown molding will never rot, crack, or split while still maintaining the look and feel of real wood. Using 4-5” moldings from Crown-Molding.com, you’ll be able to create a significant home design feature at a great price.

4-5 Inch Fypon Crown Molding   4-5 inch No Nail Crown Molding   Molding Clearance Sale

With this common crown molding size, you can choose the perfect look from our array of pattern options. Dentil crown molding provides a geometric pattern that is found in historical architecture all over the world. Rope crown molding offers a sophisticated level of simple yet intricate design. Purists can go with our traditional smooth crown molding, while those with a flair for fashion can choose a more ornate design, like shells, florals, and egg & dart crown moldings.

As a public distributor, Crown-Molding.com offers exceptional prices directly to homeowners.