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If your ceiling is higher than the standard 8 feet but not quite “soaring,” you’ll want to start your search for crown moulding in the 5-6” range. This affordable size will add proportional dimension to ceilings in the 9 to 10 foot range. Selecting from our products made of polyurethane will also ensure your crown molding looks brand new for many years with no maintenance required—that’s because unlike wood, polyurethane materials do not warp, rot, crack, or scratch. Because we are a distributor that is open to the public, you can find the best deals on 5” and 6” crown moulding at Crown-Molding.com.

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Once you know what size crown molding you need, your next step is choosing a pattern. It helps to look at the overall aesthetic of your room and your home in general. Very modern homes with lots of clean, straight lines will tend to look best with smooth crown molding patterns. Homes with architecture and interior style that emphasize detail, character, or elegance may look better with an