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A well-placed ceiling dome can make any room feel utterly majestic with its deep, concave surface. Our ceiling domes are most often used to frame a stunning chandelier and are available in both smooth, modern finishes and ornate shell and scroll patterns. Our unique polyurethane ceiling domes are easy to install thanks to their light weight. They are also very affordable with’s direct-to-the-public distributor prices.

Traditionally, ceiling domes are made of heavy, expensive plaster or wood that is subject to moisture and temperature damage. That's why we use polyurethane, which avoids problems like cracking, crumbling, mildew, and insect damage. To make installation easier, our polyurethane ceiling domes come in two mounting styles: recessed and surface. A recessed dome will look like an original built-in component of the home, but it will need to be inserted through the ceiling, which requires a careful measurement of the space behind the ceiling and the floor above it and between the ceiling joists. A surface mounted ceiling dome has easier installation.