6 to 7 Inch Crown Molding On Sale | Crown Moulding Trims & Profiles

Our 6- to 7-inch crown molding works well for 9- to 10-foot ceilings, though its range of use is very wide. Some homeowners with standard 8-foot ceilings adore the look of these taller crown moldings to make the “statement piece” of the room. Ceilings up to 12 feet tall can also look quite proportional with a 7” molding depending on the overall aesthetic of the room. With this size range, you’ll be able to create an eye-catching architectural feature for your home while still keeping the cost low, thanks to Crown-Molding.com’s distributor prices on polyurethane crown molding.

6-7 Inch Fypon Crown Molding 6-7 inch No Nail Crown Molding   Molding Clearance Sale

One of the greatest advantages to the 6-7 inch crown molding category is the availability of dual patterns. With this height, you can find moldings that feature two primary design features, such as a combination of rope and leaf patterns. You can also find combinations of smooth and ornate patterns, which marry the appeal of traditional and modern design.