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A cupola is a dome-shaped box or column that sits on top of a building as part of a classic or rustic design. Cupolas feature either windows or vents and are often topped with a decorative weather vane. Although cupolas were originally very practical, they are primarily ornamental in modern architecture. Cupolas were traditionally used as a lookout or to allow ventilation or light into a building as a sort of old-school skylight. If you’re seeking a craftsman style cupola for your home, garage, or gazebo, you’ll find the lowest prices here at

Our cupolas are available in genuine wood or in PVC vinyl. PVC cupolas are built to last and require no maintenance. They can be painted to match your home's exterior. Our wood cupolas come unfinished and ready to stain or paint. All of our cupolas come with weather vane mounting hardware and a choice of slatted vents or open window panes. With our direct-to-the-public distributor prices, we guarantee you'll find the best price on your new cupola at