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Definitions Presents:

The Look of Tin Ceiling Panels for Less Money


The beauty and style of tin ceiling panels can add impact and architectural interest to any room in your home.  First popularized during the Victorian era, metal ceiling tiles were a way to add rich, repeating patterns to the ceiling of a room.  Metal ceilings also helped illuminate darker spaces, giving rooms more light by reflecting the gas or electric lights in a room.  The first metal ceilings were usually tin, but over time homeowners began using other metals as well, or applying gold leaf or silver leaf to the tin for a more elegant appearance.  Copper and stainless steel also became quite popular toward the late 1800's. 


Although tin ceiling panels were originally developed as a cost effective substitute for costly, carved plaster ceilings, today they are an expensive option.  Gypsum or plaster ceiling tiles are now mass produced at far less cost, while metal ceiling tiles have steadily climbed in price.


Unfortunately, the cost of most tin ceiling panels today can ruin a remodeling budget.  While the cost of the tin itself may not be significant, the price of the finished tiles is usually steep.  Creating pressed tin ceiling panels is time consuming and labor intensive, and the high price tag reflects this.  To install metal ceiling tiles in a medium sized room, you can end up paying thousands of dollars.  Part of this is the installation cost, since working with tin or other metal ceiling tiles can be tricky.  Bend or dent one, and you have to replace it or take the time to carefully pound out the dent. 


Faking It for the Stylish Look of Tin Ceiling Panels 

If you love the look of metal ceiling tiles but don't like the price or the cost of installation, consider installing standard plaster or gypsum ceiling tiles.  You can order these from a reputable millwork supplier for about half the cost of a genuine tin ceiling, and the installation is easy to do.  You don't have to worry about buckling or bending; the tiles install easily and won't warp or crease during the installation process like metal tiles can. 


After you've installed your plaster or gypsum ceiling tiles, give them a single coat of primer if they weren't primed at the factory.  Once it's dried thoroughly, paint the tiles with a good quality metallic paint.  You can choose any color you want, from a brilliant silver to an antique copper shade or anything in between.  The beauty of using a metallic paint is the wide range of color choices you can find.  It's also inexpensive and easy to do - simply apply with a roller, then touch up with a brush where needed. 


The cost of your plaster or gypsum ceiling panels combined with the cost of a few gallons of metallic paint will generally be about two-thirds to one half the cost of a custom tin ceiling, and you can do the entire process in one weekend.


If you,ve always wanted tin ceiling panels but couldn't afford them, this easy "fake it to make it" method will give you the beauty and architectural detail you've been looking for at a great price.

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