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We welcome your comments and any pictures that you may have of completed projects. Send Comments and pictures to


The crown molding arrived yesterday afternoon (30 October) in perfect condition.  I had not expected such rapid shipping or the very obvious care with which the pieces were packed.  To say I am delighted with the product and the shipment is an understatement. 
My guess is that the Loctite construction adhesive listed in my order will be shipped separately, but I want to be sure it has not been overlooked.  By now I should know that you are aware of every detail.  My thanks to you!  Over the decades of online shopping, most of my non-grocery purchases have been online.  Believe me, I have learned something about service:  Yours is not just excellent – it is outstanding!  Thank you, too, for including the additional piece of crown molding that I requested at the last minute.  I am particularly grateful for that, as I was about to panic over not ordering enough of the crown molding. I don’t know about the photos of the finished room, but I will do my best, as I have involved a number of persons who have contributed significantly to this project. 
Barbara, Oct 2014

Definately a great deal.Your pricing was the best that we could find and we were certainly delighted with the outcome.
Bob Timmins, Tulsa OK, 2014

We did the one room as a test and agree that we need to go a bit bigger. I can hardly wait until the next order gets here.
John Morrison, Mansfield OH., 2014

My apartment has gone from Plain to spectacular. It's like people walk out of the halway and thing they are in an ulternate universe. I wish I had more rooms that I could do.
Susan Insbrooke, NH, Vermont, 2014

Thank you so much for the beautiful crown molding and the advise that you offered in not using the corners. Now that I understand the process better, I am delighted with the outcome. We will use you again.
Erica Troit, Conway Arkansas, 2014

Shipping was a bit slower than expected on my last order, but the quality and service is second to none.
Eric Chalmers, Monro LA, 2014

Great Service, Decent Shipping Times, Great Product. Thanks!
Michael Noak, Dallas Tx, 2013

I got everything I needed and great delivery. Thanks.
Cheryl, Brousard Louisiana, 2013

We have installed the baluster stystem in the first residence on the lake. Now we have orders for 5 more and the great thing is that our customers want other work done while we are there. It's like you're putting America back to work, at least in this neighborhood.
McKew Construction, Eric, North Carolina, 2013

When I tried to compare your prices to the prices on other sites, I found that they were pretty good, but what was more interesting is that I would need to buy the same products from three different sites, if I didn't buy they all from you. Great Selection . . .Thanks
Bradley Jeffries, NJ 2013

I would like you to know how pleased I was with my recent purchase of 4 Solo Corbels. After they were painted and put in place, they added a fine detail to my formal living room. I look forward to using your products in the future.
William P , Salt Lake City UT, 2012

 . . .  thanks for your prompt attention and response!
I'm a designer/architect, and quality, as well as attention to detail means everything in any project I touch. . . . Thanks for your help, your quick response . .  .  Adds up to good service.
Gary D, LA Ca, 2012

. . .appreciate your fast response and focus on customer satisfaction.
J McNamara, Williamsburg VA, 2012

They arrived today. Thank you very much for your prompt attention to my question. I look forward to dealing with your group again.

B. Yohe, New York, 2012

I want to thank you for your prompt response to my order issues.  Your service helped to cement my decision to use your company for my ceiling medallions (I placed the order yesterday)!  Once my kitchen cabinets are finished, I plan to use Profile Supply for any other decorative touches I plan to add.  Thanks again!
J. LeBlanc, Lockport Louisiana, 2012

Thank you very much  . . .  I am extremely pleased and will continue to be a loyal customer.
Deanna D, Atlanta GA, 2012

I got all of the packages ordered just last week and they are all installed and look wonderful. Thank you for your fast service.
J. Meagher, Sandiego Ca, 2012

You do everything you say you do and you do it well. To bad I don't get to say that more often these days.
R. Maddocks, Ukiah Ca, 2012

One of the crown moldings was damaged in shipping but I had no problem getting the replacement sent out within days. Thank you for making this easy.
Aaron S, Camden NJ, 2012

You are really nice to take the time . . .  What wonderful, old fashioned customer service in these high tech times! I really appreciate the extra efforts you've made to make this easier. Please tell your boss that you're awesome!
Laurie Z, Morgan Hill CA, 2012

Melanie, thank you for everything. I just got it yesterday and I will be in New York next week to install it and see how it looks. I will definitely order from your company in the future, you really have followed thru on everything you said. Sincerely,
, New York, 2012

Thank you so much for the speedy shipping. My order was exactly what I wanted. Your sales associate was very helpful and courteous.
J Chido, Erie PA, 2012

I want to thank you for all your help and courtesy. Yo made the whole process go smoothly.
William, New York, 2011

The longer length moldings are great. Thanks for listening.

Don Carpenter, Illinois, 2011

Our company has now purchased over $50,000.00 in products from your outfit in the past year. We have found your service and products to be wonderful in all regards. Now that you also feature Fypon moldings, you will be seeing even more of us. Keep up the good work.

Will Thomas, Arlington, Virginia, 2011

Thank you so much for taking care of this and doing it so promptly..................I love your products and will continue to do business with you as I approach other areas of my house for renovation.

Karen H, 2011

Thanks for your prompt replies. Your company has been phenomenal to work with!!!!!

Dalton B. Camden NJ, 2011

No complaints you guys are fast in your reply

B Reid, Castelgar, Canada, 2011

Wow!  Thank you so much; you guys really do put your customer first!

Joanne J. Ca. 2011

My fears of shipping and delivery are obviously based on my experience with other online retailers. You have put my mind at ease. I wish I could get all my online purchases from you. Do you have any cats?

Marcella Hayes, Toronto Ontario, Canada, 2011

We saved over $10,000.00 purchasing using your columns for the new addition and they look great. As business continues to grow, we hope to move forward with the fourth stage of development and you will definitely have an opportunity to quote on it.

Vince, Atlanta, 2011

While I am the builder in the family, my wife has been nick named the internet scavenger for the kind of deals that she is able to turn up. We have now flipped over twelve homes in the past 8 years, all valued at over $500,000.00. Since we found, we have saved literally thousands of dollars in mill-work and columns. On our most recent project, the best that [my wife] could find for Columns and Balustrade alone was going to cost us about $60,000.00. supplied these for $44,670.00 and two weeks sooner than anyone else could. We just sold the house for $873,500.00 with more in our pocket thanks to you. You will be hearing from us again very soon.

Adimus Homes, Gerry Adimus, SC, 2011

Great Service, good pricing and delivery as promised. Good quality products too.

Jen B, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada, 2011

I was hesitant at first because my neighbor paid almost twice as much for his columns from another web site.  . . .  now he thinks maybe mine are better quality than his . . . thanks again!

Milton H, Camden NJ, 2011

I don't know why anyone would buy [balusters] anywhere else. They're beautiful, obviously solid and installed great. My contractor says that he'll be using you again.

Aaron T, Memphis Tn.

Shipping was fast, service was great, product was excellent.

Billy J, New Orleans LA, 2011

My local building retailer wanted to charge me $7,500.00 for my columns and yours only cost 4,350.00 . . . . you're darned right I am pleased. The columns are beautiful and my wife is happy, which is the main concern.

Brad S, Plainview Tx, 2010

Thank you!! You guys provide great service and products, will remember you in  the future!!
Nathan, Murfreesboro, TN,  2010

Thanks for the excellent support, if I manage to install these guys without too much of a screw up, I'm definitely coming back to you guys to finish the rest of the house.

Marley Bender Il,2010

We are at least an hour from any [big box store] so it is so much more convenient to be able to shop on line and have our products arrive, ready to install. You service was quick, the product looks great, I would not hesitate in recommending you to others.
Paul Winters, Winthrop Wa, 2010

Hello  . . . . - WOW  what a wonderful surprise when I saw UPS stop at my drive way - I opened the door and said I was not expecting a parcel : I thought maybe someone had send me flowers since it was my birthday, but no, it was my new crown moldings. Thank you for the excellent and quick service.
Agnes H, Palm Beach Florida, 2010

Yes, we will certainly be ordering from you again. We purchased three houses between November and December, all of which are in good shape but just need a little touch up. Its kind of exciting to see . . . .  with a little bit of crown molding and some chair rail and new appliances, we are able to get twenty to thirty percent more in rent.
Mary Ellen K, Norfolk Virginia, 2010

 . . . It was my wifes suggestion that we search the internet to see if we can save some money finishing our house. We are like many others currently, feeling the pinch of recent times. . . .  Your service was great, your products are excellent and your prices unbelievable. I may never set foot outside again.
Ned Pearson, OK 2010

Yes . .  . I would be pleased to recommend you and offer a comment for you to post on your web site. . . .  We ordered our product on a Tuesday and it was here by Wednesday of the following week. . . .the moldings and door surrounds were wonderful . . . easy to install . . . . .provided a beautiful finish to our lovely home.
Jane Peters, New Hampshire, 2009

I am new to crown molding. I have seen so much written about it in home magazines and on television, I decided to give it a try. _________ was very helpful on the phone. The moldings look great!
Gerry Bell, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 2009

I have built most of my house with products purchased on the web, so I feel that I am pretty experienced when it comes to giving feedback. I am pleased to say that you are in my top ten out of what must be thirty different sites that I have purchased from over the past year and a half. Thank you for your support and service. We have already recommended you to others. Mary, Bridgeport South Connecticut, 2009

I have ordered from you on three separate occasions and have yet to have a concern or worry. Keep up the good work.
Bobby D, Tuscaloosa Alabama, 2009

The entrance to reception looks like the Hilton, but we paid “Super 8” prices. We get a lot of great comments on it.
Eric Boyer, Super 8 Contractor, Sacramento Ca, 2009


We are so pleased that we went ahead with your beautiful moldings.My contractor wanted to provide us with molding for our addition because he was reluctant to wait for yours to arrive. I think he was just upset that we found polyurethane molding in 14 foot lengths on line. He said that he knew of only one manufacturer out in California that made them in these lengths. I harbor a suspicion that he was not keen on the labor that these longer moldings were going to save. Here is the clincher. Please contact our contractor, ##### ######## at ###-###-####  he has had a look at your web site and would like to talk to you about another house that he has coming up. He seems convinced!
“The Contractor Converter”
Marsha, Abilene Texas 2008

I am happy to provide you some feedback; but what can I say? Our metal balusters were made in Italy. They cost less than any others we could find on the internet, and they arrived in 5 days.They look beautiful.
Eric, New Orleans, Louisiana 2008

Keep doing what you're doing and we will keep buying from you.
Rudy, Columbia, South Carolina2008

"We are always looking for ways to make our homes more appealing to the buyer, while not spending an arm and a leg. The wrought iron baluster we ordered for our most recent house are beautiful, creating a focal point from the main entrance, while adding elegance and a real feeling of class.  The real estate agent says that they have become a selling point. Everyone entering the house comments on them; and of course to brag that they are hand forged in Italy doesn't hurt either, considering where everything else seems to be coming from these days."

Alex Jordan Construction, Arizona 2008


"I am pleased to comment on your products and your service. Your pricing continues to be the best that we have found and delivery was prompt. Buying on line has become a habit for us. It is more productive to spend the day with our clients or contractors and relax in the evening in front of the computer just filling our orders. We now have a list of online suppliers that are becoming our favorites. I am so glad we found you."

Mary, Royce Home Renovations, Connecticut 2008


"Thank you very much for checking in on quality and customer satisfaction. I was thrilled when I saw the molding - it surpassed my expectations.  I had it put up in my bedroom and painted it with McCormick Designer White.  It was and still is magnificent.  Money well spent.  I will hold your EM for further use or to pass on to friends as needed.  Again, thanks."

Pauline R, Burke Virginia, 2008

"your shipping department was able to accommodate two shipping changes (one to combine shipping and the other to redirect shipment to Canada).  This was terrific … please thank Kelly for me.
All in all, I am very happy with the product, the price was unbeatable and I would not hesitate to buy from you again!!!!"
Joe M, Niagra falls NY, 2008

I am in for the long haul since I do a lot myself due to a very limited budget. I am glad I came across you  . . . . you have a lot of choices and that molding was by far the best deal I came across, specially in a rare 15' length, cuts my work in 1/2, lol...
Florence, June 2006

I just had to let you know that the crown moulding was completely installed in my home and it looks GORGEOUS!!! I just wish I had bought more to finish my whole house! You make a really great product! Thank you so much!
Thanks Again,
Joy, New Jersey

“We have worked with a number of polyurethane products over the past 10 years. Very few companies maintain this level of detail. The designs are crisp and clear . . .the finished look is worlds above the rest.”
Cowboy Lumber, White Rock

“Your flexible mouldings were a dream come true . . . .I cant believe the number of times I have tried to steam mouldings to get them to fit without knowing that such a product existed.”
James Andersen San Rafael, California

“I was sitting in this very fancy restaurant wondering how they got the rounded crown moulding effect on the ceiling. . . . Thanks to , our dining room now has the same rich look.”
Virginia Thomas, Bellingham Washington

“We have a number of customers in the millwork trades, specializing in the remodeling of 4 star hotels. In the past, they would spend days building up a crown moulding in the ballrooms or hallways; around and around the room they would go until the desired effect was achieved; the labour was costly. In a recent application we used your 172ED crown moulding to achieve the look of a crown framed in flat stock. Our client only had to go around the room once [as this profile combines all three parts in one] saving valuable time and money. We look forward to using your company again in the future.“
John Walker, Chicago, Illinois

“My experience with flexible mouldings in the past has created some disbelief in many manufacturers claims. Your product however, out bends, out paints and out nails any others that I have tried in the past.“
Jennifer Hayes, Canyon County California

"I thought your web prices were better than anyone else's . . . . I found your product to be as good as any other we have tried, with delivery time far exceeding your competitors.”
K & A Marketing Inc, Bellingham Washington