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Moulding or Molding?

Moldings or Mouldings?

 . . . . . . .Good Question:


It is said that during the Boston Tea Party of 1773, Americans dumped tea overboard to protest British taxation. As it turns out, not everything British was abandoned that evening. The same early Americans might have written that . . . after finding something in the galley that appeared to be moulding;we journeyed below to find some decorative crown moldings, which we made use of forthwith. Good thing too. If these architectural details where made of polyurethane, they would still be floating around the Atlantic to this day.


When referring to Crown Mouldings, or Cornices as they would, the British have always used the ou in the spelling while the Correct American spelling remains without the u Having said this, American companies seem divided on this point.


Many American corporations that manufacture or sell mouldings have kept the Old Word spelling in their company name and branding, perhaps out of conscience for the historical significance of these decorative building material products.


You may notice that this site uses both words throughout various pages, as both are used when customers are searching for products to buy online. Analyzing search engine results, we find the traditionally southern states search under Molding while the remainder seem to prefer Moulding, the spelling of which would also be used to describe the blue stuff at the back of the fridge, or refrigerator, if you prefer.


Whatever your spelling preference, we promise to deliver the decorative mouldings that you order directly from our manufacturing plant, located near Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, where we still tend to spell molding as moulding and prefer to hang it on the walls rather than find it at the back of the fridge.


 . . . . .  After all, you never know when someone might be dropping by for tea.