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Selecting Crown Moulding

Questions and Answers for Selecting Crown Moldings:


How does the room size and ceiling height determine which crown molding I should purchase?

Some people are of the opinion that the height of a ceiling or the size of a room has everything to do with selecting crown moldings; an interior designer may suggest otherwise.


When selecting crown and cornice moldings, it is important not only to imagine what the moldings will look like as part of the room, but what they will do to the overall appearance and transformation of the room. While smaller profiles typically finish a room nicely, larger moldings with different shapes and profiles can change the entire look of the room. Installing a very large cove molding like the 191ED in a room of any size will give the ceiling a rounded appearance at the walls. This application could be used in a large dining room or even a small powder room or bath area; for a less daring approach, a smaller profile like the 104ED or the 103ED would offer a similar effect, while at the same time adding a bit of detail and definition.


Designers seem to be moving away from the idea that the size of a room or height of a wall determines the size of the moldings to be installed. One adage still maintained however, is that the height of the baseboards along the bottom of the wall should be chosen to compliment the size of the moldings above. The larger the crown, the larger the baseboard installed below.


Future topics to include:

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  • How much crown molding should I order once I know the size of the room?
  • Should I use corner blocks or a mitre saw?
  • What is a "Built up Profile" and why is it less expensive with polyurethane?
  • Why pick polyurethane millwork over wood alternatives?
  • Should I pick the same crown molding for the entire house?
  • More on installing crown moldings?


Check back later for more updates.


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