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Chair rails are an architectural beautification that adds visual alignment, interest, and practicality into a dining room or eating area even though it can be set up in other areas of the home. Chair rails separate the lower half of a wall space from the top half, permitting the home decorator to paint each section in opposing colors if they choose. The standard height for chair rails is usually 30 to 36 inches from the floor, around the height of a normal high-back chair. Selecting the width of a chair depends on the ceiling height of the room and personal preference. The perfect chair rail width will complete the total look in your home.

Chair rail moldings are a pleasant touch that adds a bit of elegance, sophistication and proportion to rooms, especially if crown molding is part of the equation. The most important factor when installing chair rails is putting them at the correct height. Chair rails at the wrong height throws an entire room off proportion. Their purpose is to create the scale and proportion of the space in a room. A chair rail accomplishes this perfectly because it visually divides a room and immediately permits you to comprehend the size and scale of the area.  

The popular tale is that chair rails shield walls from damage due to the backs of chairs hitting them. In actuality architects as long ago as the Roman and Greek era, utilized chair rails to separate walls into a visually attractive scale, frequently with various colors to accentuate the differences.

In addition, the name chair rail, became popular through custom decorations from the Shakers. The Shakers mounted boards with hooks on dining room walls to suspend chairs from the floor for cleaning and sweeping.

Most professional home decorators have a fondness for chair rails; however, today they are not the first thing that homeowners take a fancy to when decorating their homes. Even though during earlier times they were purely functional, today they are installed for purposes that are more decorative. On the other hand, chairs and chair rails may seem like they have plenty in common, but the association is restricted to their estimated heights. In fact, chair rails are the most inappropriately used molding in new homes today. Nonetheless, it is the simplest to install and one of the easiest additions one can add to a room to make it feel more like home.

The traditional rules of architecture are the solution for proper sizing and placement of moldings in a room. Where chair rails are concerned, it is better to go too low than too high. Installing a chair rail too high takes away from the proportions of the room, creating an imbalanced disproportioned feel to the space. 

Certainly, you can cheat a bit and opt for something totally different. If you stretch your home decorating ideas, there is no need for chair rail molding. You can utilize paint color to create a chair rail effect. By utilizing painters tape, you will finish up with perfectly clean lines resulting in a beautiful finish.  

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#005708 Casing 1-3/4" x 6" x 144"
Retail Price: $95.00
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You Save: $40.01 (42 %)
#005708 Casing 1-3/4" x 6" x 144"

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