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Fiberglass Columns

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Fiberglass Columns

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Fiberglass Columns

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Pro-Lite Smooth Non-Tapered Square Columns with Cap & Base
Retail Price: $234.00
You Pay: $179.00
You Save: $55.00 (24 %)
Pro-Lite Smooth Non-Tapered Square Columns with Cap & Base

10" Round Fluted Tapered Fiberglass Columns
You Pay: From $293.00 to $839.61
Sale Price: From $278.35 to $797.63
10" Round Fluted Tapered Fiberglass Columns
on sale

12" Round Fluted Tapered Fiberglass Columns
You Pay: From $379.00 to $1,060.33
Sale Price: From $360.05 to $1,007.31
12" Round Fluted Tapered Fiberglass Columns
on sale

12" Round Smooth Tapered Fiberglass Columns
You Pay: From $280.02 to $1,604.44
Sale Price: From $268.82 to $1,540.26
12" Round Smooth Tapered Fiberglass Columns
on sale

14" Round Smooth Tapered Fiberglass Columns
You Pay: From $510.46 to $2,081.72
Sale Price: From $490.04 to $1,998.45
14" Round Smooth Tapered Fiberglass Columns
on sale

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Smooth Tapered Decorative fiberglass Columns, Roman, Tuscan, Ionic, Scamozi
Smooth Non-Tapered Fibercast Columns, Roman, Tuscan, Ionic, Doric
Tapered fibercast fiberglass columns, roman columns and capitals
Fluted non tapered fibercast fiberglass columns

support-column-image supplies decorative columns across the United States and Canada in fiberglass, FRP and Polymer Stone Designs. With three distribution centers across the United States, is able to ship decorative fiberglass columns with minimal cost. Combined with our lower pricing, it's no wonder we sell so many fiberglass columns each and every year.

If you are looking for standard sizes and finishes or need a quote on larger quantities and sizes, we would be pleased to work with you in reducing the costs and raising the value of your development, project or home. We can work off of your drawings or simply pencil out your requirements over the phone. Detailed quotes for decorative columns are typically ready within 24 hours.

Home Building - Columns & Millwork
by Tammy Crosby
Whether you use decorative columns as an aesthetic design element or give them a supporting roleyour home will be greatly enhanced by fitting columns into your architectural plans. Since ancient times, columns have graced private homes as decorative Columns and structural or Load Bearing Columns, supporting a wall or a roof.

Although these classical designs of ancient Greek and Roman columns are as popular today as ever, don't feel bound to build the expected, since manufacturers of pre-made interior and exterior columns offer homeowners many different shapes, styles and sizes to choose from. In addition to a plethora of off-the-shelf designs, you can have your columns custom made.

There are three classic orders; think styles of columns: Doric Columns, Ionic Columns and Corinthian Columns. The Doric order was the earliest of the Greek columns and are the heaviest and thickest. Ionic columns are known for their ram horn column capitals and they were the first to use decorative bases. The most complex column is the Corinthian order, which are slender, topped with an ornate decorative capital and entablature. They also have a column base and plinth, which is basically a tapered ledge that meets the floor. Keep in mind all orders can by custom changed to architectural specifications.

Wooden Columns
Wood columns are a wonderful architectural addition to any home because they add a sense of class and distinction to your home's overall appearance both inside and out. They are easy to install and can be carved in any shape or style and painted to match or stand out from your home's decor.

Wood columns should be made of only the finest woods like mahogany, poplar, cherry, pine, oak, maple, and redwood. Most wood column suppliers and manufacturers can carve both round and square columns in sizes consistent with classic proportions, as well as custom shaft diameters for special projects. Wood columns can also be smooth surfaced or fluted with ridgeswhatever suits your artistic vision.

If you use hollow wooden columns, they must be vented to prevent built-up moisture from condensing on the inside and rotting the wood. Proper ventilation requires an opening at both top and bottom. To determine the amount of ventilation you will need, divide the column's diameter (or width) in half and convert to square inches. For example, a 10-inch-diameter column needs five square inches of vent opening at the base and another five square inches at the capital. To keep insects and small critters from making a home, your vents should be blocked with copper screens.

Fiberglass Columns
The preferred material by builders and architects for decorative columns is the fiberglass Column because it offers an attractive look that is more impact-resistant than a wood column. Like wood, fiberglass columns are available in both a round and square shape with a choice of smooth or fluted surfaces. Today's fiberglass columns are manufactured not only to aesthetically replicate the classic column forms but they are also strong enough to serve as structural, load-bearing columns.

There are so many manufacturers to choose from when it comes to fiberglass that it is important for you understand a bit about how fiberglass is made so you can find a reputable column provider. Fiberglass is actually little glass threads which are spun into thin strands that can be woven into a strong, durable material which is impervious to heat, rust and many other extreme elements. Fiberglass columns are not only made of fiberglass but a compound made by combining fiberglass and plastic. These two materials are heated and then molded into the desired column shape. Basically the plastic provides the structure and the fiberglass provides the strength and durability.

The benefits of fiberglass columns are:
  • Fiberglass Columns can be shaped and painted to give any desired look
  • Fiberglass Columns are weatherproof.
  • Fiberglass Columns are Insect and critter proof.
  • Fiberglass Columns are more impact resistant than wood.


  • They ussually come with a lifetime warrantycheck with your manufacturer. Easy installation.
  • Impervious to moisture, which is great if you live in an area that experiences high humidity.
  • Load bearing fiberglass columns can support up to 30,000 pounds.
  • Fiberglass Columns are lightweight and require very little maintenance.

Precast Stone Columns
The tradition of classic beauty in architecture is carried on today through pre-cast stone columns rather than natural stone columns. New technology allows builders to create pre-cast stone columns that have the look and strength of ancient Roman columns but without the drawbacks of using natural stone columns. The biggest difference between pre-cast stone columns and natural stone columns is cost. It is much cheaper to pour a stone column into a cast than it is to chisel it out of a giant stone slab.