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Definitions Presents:

Exterior Crown Molding Adds Character


Exterior crown molding is a wonderful way to dress up the outside of your house for a relatively low cost.  Unlike residing or resurfacing the entire outside of your home, architectural crown molding adds a lot of interest for a relatively small investment of time or money.


architectural crown molding imageYou should think of exterior crown molding as the icing on a cake; it adds that final touch that completes the look of the home.  It will add a depth and richness that you can't achieve any other way. Even the loveliest house looks flat and unfinished without any decorative trim work.  Exterior crown molding can be understated and elegant on a colonial brick home, or elaborately detailed for a Victorian style home. 


To make sure your investment lasts, look for polyurethane or fiberglass exterior crown molding.  It will last for years longer than traditional wood millwork and won't need to be scraped, primed and painted every few years like wood does.  It is just as versatile as wood without the maintenance and upkeep problems. 


Dentil Molding is Popular Choice   Exterior Crown Molding image

One of the most popular forms of exterior crown molding is dental molding, so named because the small, repeating blocks along the length of the molding look like teeth.  Dentil molding is usually installed along the cornice of a roof, just below the roofline.  It adds depth and an extra layer of color and texture between the roof itself and the exterior walls.  A red brick house with white dentil molding looks wonderful.  The architectural crown molding gives the home a finished, more elegant appearance that also increases the value of the home.


Where to Use Exterior Crown Molding  

You can add architectural crown molding almost anywhere on the exterior of a house, although the most common is a solid band of crown molding just below the roof line.  For a restrained but elegant look, dentil molding is perfect.  For something a bit more elaborate, try something with sculptural details like rosettes or scrollwork, both of which would look great on a Victorian or Gothic Revival home.


decorative crown moulding imageCorbels and dentil blocks are individual blocks that project out farther and are used as supports or decorative elements along with the exterior molding.  One popular style resembles a scroll and projects out beyond the length of molding.  You can use exterior corbels to "support" the corners of the eaves or in spaced rows along the underside of a stone or brick porch railing for added drama.


Some corbels resemble keystones in shape and can be centered above windows with crown molding on either side to frame the window.  Many homeowners install exterior crown molding along the top and bottom edge of their windows with shutters at the sides for a beautifully framed effect that highlights the beauty of the windows.


If you aren't sure how to use exterior crown molding to improve the appearance of your home, try taking a drive through a nearby area with older homes.  The larger, turn-of-the-century and older homes will display a variety of exterior crown molding styles that are distinctive and easy to duplicate with today's easy care polyurethane architectural molding and mill work.





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