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Colored Ceiling Medallions Decorative Ceiling Medallions
Pre-Finished, Painted Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling medallions can be the focus of a ceiling. They are typically found in the shape of an ornate rosette. Many are oval, some square, but most are round. When many people think of the interior of a room, they frequently imagine the furniture, doors, windows, or color scheme, but ceilings are usually the last place they look, if they look at all! Ceilings can be the playground of a room, and ceiling medallions are the perfect piece to play with when it comes to decorating your ceiling.

Ceiling medallion decorations can range from simple moldings to ornate leaf, geometric, and filigree designs. Even though medallions can be found in various shapes, round shapes look the best in most rooms. Ceilings of historic Europe were amongst the most decorated in the world. Ornately designed ceiling medallions frequently adorned dining halls and ballrooms. Throughout the Italian Renaissance, medallions were regularly covered with gold. In Victorian England, medallions were mostly white and fused with highly crafted moldings to create a luxurious effect.       

Many people have the opinion that ceiling medallions must be painted white. This is not always the case. Your medallions should blend with the décor of your room. If your room has a vivid pale blue color, you can paint your medallion the same color or contrast it with muted silver hue. If your medallion is placed in a conventional décor, the particulars can be tinted in a subtle hue creating a tint on tint appearance.

If you prefer a more audacious look, you can highlight your ceiling medallion design with brass, gold, silver, or bronze paint. If your medallion will be utilized with a lighting fixture, make sure that the metal part of the light fixture and the metallic paint you select match. Mix matched metallic colors in home décor rarely work out well unless textures and intensities are just right. If you are installing your ceiling medallion yourself, you might want to get a bit of advice before using bold colors such as metallic. Medallions can be found in faux finishes as well. Antiquing is one of the most popular along with fabric, leather, stone, and wood faux finishes. 

Various Finishes for Ceiling Medallions

Metals like steel, brass, copper, and bronze, loose their luster and decay after a while. Verdigris finishes are perfect for creating illusion of oxidized copper or distressed metal. Faux verdigris conveys a quality of ancient times that oozes quality and timelessness. 

-Spray Paint
Spray-painting your medallion can be a quick and easy project. Not only that, you can be innovative with your ideas as well! Harmonize any piece of décor or furniture with a striking color or create an even more distinctive appearance by superimposing multiple colors.

-Hand Painted Details
Take a chance and let your imagination run wild! Come up with any idea you can think of and apply an even coat of paint right to the finished surface. This should be easy since most ceiling medallions are pre-finished and set to decorate immediately after purchase.

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