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 Decorative Window and Door Casings

Nothing delineates the finished look of a home more than applying quality finish trim, or casing, products. Detailed casings, like those you see on windows and doors, applied by a skilled craftsperson radiates the dimension and general appearance of a dwelling whether it is placed on the interior or exterior of the home. Its allure is in the many designs and ways that you can use this traditional home trim feature. However, the most striking is casing around windows and doors. You can create extravagant looks with moldings like painting the walls and trim an identical shade but permitting the ceiling and doors to stick-out with distinction using an extraordinary door design.     

Window casings and door casings can make a big difference to the ambiance and overall appeal of a room. Even the most modest casings can give a banal space depth. Of course, moldings are not the only way to add depth to a room; however, there is so many ways to treat moldings that they can appear to have a three dimensional effect on a room. For example, for a notable texture, casings can be painted white for a conventional appearance. Moreover, paint your casings the same shade as your wall color to create a seamless framed vision. The choices are never-ending and there are many casing materials to choose from as well.  

Even small details on window or door casings give a room architectural interest while also hiding imperfections. For example, a window or door that may be slightly askew can be corrected with casing. Moreover, if you want to go dramatic use high-contrast black and white. The walls, ceiling, and casing can be painted identical colors in the adjacent room, making the black tone extra special and surprising without being overpowering.  

Moldings and casings do not always have to match, and this is one of the reasons that casings can be fun to use in your home. For instance, in a kid’s room you can apply an array of fantastic bright colored casings if you are bold enough. A girl’s room with bright yellow casings and pink walls can create an enchanting look. Alternatively, utilizing gold or silver clear-cut slender casings around doorways or windows can be striking if done properly.

Case molding design and weight must be balanced with the structural design of the room and other moldings. Case moldings characterize the general appearance of a room and are frequently the most noticeable part of the trim. Casings are not only ornamental but functional as well since they are primarily utilized to cover the gap between drywall and window or door frames. Casings are usually smaller and thicker than base moldings. In addition, case moldings can be utilized to trim entirely around each side of a doorway or they can be used in combination with other architectural rudiments such as rosettes, plinth blocks, and headers. Case moldings can be found in oak, pine, fir, and other types of woods, which makes casings easier to paint to create fantastic and beautifully eye-catching décor. 

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