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Buying Decorative Corbels
By DebD

When you have the notion to add a definitive finishing touch to your home décor, decorative corbels and brackets are the perfect choice. They are an excellent way to enhance the interior or exterior attractiveness of your home. Decorative corbels and brackets have delicate details that are architecturally exact. For example, if you are considering revising your home’s exterior, many homeowner’s think of trim, siding, gutters, or painting, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you want to take that extra step and add panache to your home’s curb appeal; exterior brackets are the way to go. For exterior enhancement, brackets can be affixed to supports beneath porch roofs, gazebos, arbors, under soffits, and various exterior structures.

Decorative corbels are highly underused in beautifying homes today. If heavy items such as sculptures or perhaps a wall bookcase requires tasteful support, corbels will do magnificently. The beauty and sophistication that decorative corbels and brackets provide cannot be underestimated. For instance, in kitchens this type of bric-a-brac is not uncommon, even though they may be less ostentatious. In addition, decorative corbels and brackets work beautifully with granite or marble countertops, but will suit any well-designed surface. They are a stunning addition to kitchen cabinets as well. In stately homes corbels on each side of a fireplace was a sign of stateliness and discernment. In fact, hundreds of years ago, the fireplace was more elaborate, constructed with pilasters, columns, or corbels with complex motifs carved on them.

Creating a unique, beautiful appearance in your home requires the magic touch that corbels and brackets exude. Carved wood corbels are intricately designed and work wonders by complementing the architecture of your home. Any doorway can be changed with the use of a pair of corbels on each side or a single corbel in the center. The effect is even more splendid if the entryway is arched. The same idea can be applied to contemporary entryways as well. In addition, wood brackets can emanate a great affect by supporting plants or objects placed higher than eye-level.

An empty wall space can do with a salient design, and a corbel table may do the trick. Corbel tables are a row of decorative corbels used for support with a shelf made from various materials such as wood, fiberglass, or glass. The exquisiteness of the finished design is certainly an eye-catcher. Nevertheless, incorporating corbels and brackets into your home décor can seem somewhat daunting. The endless designs available today can make using these beautiful objects perplexing.

crown molding millwork imageThe best way to narrow down your choice is by taking a look at your decorating style. Is your home décor more traditional or modern? Do you prefer more sophisticated style furnishings, trendy, or laid back? Are you interested in an avant-garde ambiance? By deciding on the type of style you prefer in your home first, you will be less bemused when it comes time to select your decorative corbels or brackets. Modest in design, decorative and whimsical, corbels and brackets will give any room a past, an air of nobility, and a form of elegance.

Author: DebD
DebD is a well traveled creative versatile freelance writer and accessory designer.