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Purchasing your next ceiling medallion:
By DebD

Ceiling medallions are well known for adding stunning detail to ceilings with hanging light fixtures. After installing a ceiling medallion your ceiling will never be the same. If you view the various ways that people have utilized decorative medallions, you will find them used not only on ceilings, but walls as well! You will find ceiling medallions in a variety of sizes and designs ready to enhance a room’s ceiling with rustic style appeal to elaborate Victorian parlors. Additionally, medallions can be found in other colors and finishes such as metallic and we even feature wooden medallions.

After discovering the vast difference a ceiling medallion can make in your room, your ceiling will become a centerpiece, much like a work of art. Ceilings are frequently the most neglected part of a room’s décor. By adding a beautiful addition like a ceiling medallion, a room emits elegance and becomes intriguing to all who enter it. What many seem not to comprehend is that ceilings are also part of the décor in a home, and sometimes just letting a lamp hang from the ceiling is not enough. It neither adds nor takes away from the room’s overall appearance. The ceiling has just as much to do with the overall appeal of a room just as much as the furniture or any other décor in your room. Ceiling medallions make a room come alive with élan.

There are tons of options in ceiling medallions. This can make it difficult to come to a decision. To a certain degree, it does not matter too much what style of ceiling medallion you prefer. Adding this wonderful piece to your ceiling will fit flawlessly with any type of décor you have in mind. 

The correct dimensions for ceiling medallions are:

-140 sq ft room or less: fit ceiling medallions up to 20 inches

-140-210 sq ft: fit ceiling medallions 20 to 30 inches

-210-280 sq ft: fit ceiling medallions 30 to 40 inches

-Rooms more than 280 sq ft: fit ceiling medallions 40 inches or more

Many people think that ceiling medallions are these elaborate, decorative pieces only fit for living rooms or dining rooms, but that is not the case. Ceiling medallions make wonderful additions in bedrooms, kitchens, foyers, bathrooms, and just about any place where the ceiling has the proper height. A medallion could be that perfect finish to your room that you have been looking for. In fact, they can add just the right amount of embellishment making additional furniture and accents unnecessary.

crown molding millwork imageIn addition, ceiling medallions can be painted to blend in with the rest of the ceiling hue, creating a subtle, elegant look. This choice takes the eye away from the border of the medallion and the ceiling turning it into one impression with seamlessly delicate perimeters. In reverse, your ceiling medallion can be painted in a contrasting color from your ceiling. This bold step serves to take the eye to the intricate beauty of the ceiling medallion itself, much like a piece of artwork; therefore, make sure your medallion is interesting and unique.

Author: DebD
DebD is a well traveled creative versatile freelance writer and accessory designer.

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