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About Polyurethane Mouldings

About Polyurethane Millwork:

How do I install Polyurethane mouldings?
Complete instructions for installing polyurethane mouldings and millwork can be found under INSTALLATION on the FAQ page.

How does the density of polyurethane compare to wood?
We manufacture the majority of our products with 6 Lb polyurethane foam typical to that which is used by other major polyurethane suppliers of architectural mouldings. If you were to hammer a nail through one of our mouldings, it would be similar to hammering through a piece of soft pine.

How will direct sunlight effect my mouldings.
The mouldings do come with a white primer coating on them that will provide ultraviolet light protection during installation. Many exterior paints now contain some level of protection from the rays of the sun. As with wood, the protection is only as good as the finish that is applied.

How does Polyurethane Molding and Millwork compare in price to wood moulding alternatives?

A basic rule when pricing out Polyurethane Moldings and Millwork is that the larger or more complex the profile is, the more you will save with Polyurethane moldings. Having said this, any application where dampness is a factor, Polyurethane moldings are best, as they do not rot, nor will they require painting as often as wood moldings do.


If pricing is a concern and all that you want is a very simple profile for a dry area of the house, then you may be better off shopping at a local dealer for your profiles; however, if you want something more extravagant then give polyurethane moldings a try.


There is also a huge saving if you are doing a built up profile. Take our 170ED for example. Once installed, this profile will look as though you went around the room three times to install your moldings: once for the top piece of flat stock, once for the bottom piece of flat stock and again for the crown molding in the middle. Since all of these pieces are joined as one, you only pay to install one molding rather than all three. You will benefit by receiving the same look as if you had paid for all of the extra installation, cutting, gluing, nailing and caulking of three profiles.


Will Polyurethane Moulding increase my real estate value?

When a real estate agent values a home they often look at the extras involved. While kitchens and baths are often an important part of this evaluation, the actual finishing of these and other rooms plays an important part in real estate evaluation. Since polyurethane millwork is usually so decorative and allows for less costly crown molding installation, detailed profiles can be obtained, providing  a rich finished look without the need for costs commonly associated with multiple wood moulding profiles or plaster installation.

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