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 Using Stone or Fiberglass Decorative Columns

Decorative fiberglass columns are the complete, cost-effective design answer for either residential or industrial spaces.  These long-lasting, though lightweight columns come in a large diversity of styles that will match wonderfully with nearly any décor, together with Mediterranean, Colonial, Tuscan, Craftsman and much more.  These columns are created with a stable fiberglass mixed polymer that is completely appropriate to capturing details, so even a very elaborate Corinthian column will encompass sharp detail and confident appearance.

The fiberglass reinforced polymer used to make up these columns is incredibly strong for such a lightweight material, allowing you to use them as supports devoid of any worries about warping or movement.  In applications where you may need added foundation, the hollow core of fiberglass columns can simply hide any further support posts desired.

Remembering, hollow fiberglass columns are practical for additional applications as well.  These fiberglass columns can be utilized as elegant architectural detail while hiding functional elements such as added wiring, future considerations or even air ducts for recently added air conditioning systems.  You won’t acquire this kind of adaptability with solid marble or stone designed columns, but you can with our Royals Stone Columns. With our stone-made columns the walls are completely impregnated, so the color isn't just on the surface, bu towing to their composition, a royal stone column can be hollow inside, making it lighter than true stone columns while supporting as much as twice the load of a fiberglass column.

Fiberglass columns should be proficient to endure a multiplicity of weather conditions and climate changes.  While using wooden columns for porches, patios and in rooms where there maybe moisture condensation can be cost effective in the short span, these simply won’t stand up to the sogginess and frequent temperature adjustments as well as fiberglass columns can.  Fiberglass created columns won’t exploit rot from exposure to humidity and won’t swell and contract with temperature alterations, so you may rely on them for steady support that lasts for a long time.

Decorative Columns are Cost Effective:
The delivery and installation of decorative columns can add a lot to the overall cost.  Luckily, fiberglass columns won't cost a bundle to ship for the reason that they’re so insubstantial in weight.  Erection is also less pricy since installation is speedy and rather simple.  Not as much weight means less time locating the columns in place and they are straightforward to trim to length with rudimentary tools, something you will not discover with stone and marble type columns.  With a expansive variety of styles to select from that seem just like marble columns, you are getting the finest of everything as soon as you use decorative fiberglass columns.