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22" Round Smooth Tapered Fiberglass Columns

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You Pay: From $1,893.00 to $3,536.60
Sale Price: From $1,817.28 to $3,395.14
Before Quantity Discounts

Configuration: | A |
DEPARTS: 4-6 weeks or better
Departs From: Illinois
Ships to Canada: Yes
Canadian Shipping: We take care of all brokerage and duty.
Made in America: Yes
Other: Single column orders require additional shipping charge $250.00.
Minimum Order Quantity: Min. Order 4 Columns
Material: FRP Fiberglass

Product Options

Select Column Height:
Select Column Capital:
Select Column Base:
Style [Split or Not Split]:


Select For Split Column Style
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A column consists of a shaft with a capital and base. When selecting the column height, please be aware that the height includes the capital and base.

We sell AMI fiberglass columns. AMI has over 25 years experience in the manufacture of industry specified Fiberglass/FRP columns, previously reserved only for large commercial or residential specification. AMI is a leader in quality through reputation, providing a long lasting, sturdy option to the standard “boutique” variety columns available else ware. is very pleased to be one of the few online retail stores permitted to offer the AMI line.

AMI Column Capitals and Bases are manufactured from the same strengthened fiberglass as their columns, not urethane composite, allowing AMI to offer one of the best warranties in the business.

For Larger Sizes or Quantities
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Select one of these decorative column capitals and bases from the drop down lists above.

roman corinthian capital image

ionic column capital image

scamozzi column capital image

Roman Corinthian

Roman Ionic



temple of the winds capital image

tuscan column capital image


Temple of the Winds

Tuscan Capital

Tuscan Capital




attic base image

Rounded Attic Base Image

fiberglass tuscan base image

Rounded Tuscan Base Image
Attic Base Rounded Plinth
Attic Base
Tuscan Base Rounded Plinth
Tuscan Base


Fiberglass (FRP) Round Tapered Column Specifications
Load Bearing Specs
Max. Inside Diameter* Drawings/Specs CAD FILE
Max. Load (LBS)
Round Post Square Post
Diameter Drawings
Select to Open
3-1/4" 2-1/4" 6" Click Here Download
10,000 5" 3-1/2" 8" Click Here Download
14,000 6-3/4"" 4-3/4" 10" Click Here Download
8-3/16" 5-3/4" 12" Click Here Download
9-3/8" 6-5/8" 14" Click Here Download
11" 7-3/4" 16" Click Here Download
11-1/2" 8-1/8" 18" Click Here Download
20,000 14-1/2" 10-1.4" 20" Click Here Download
20,000 16" 11-1/4" 22" Click Here Download
20,000 17-1/2" 12-3/8" 24" Click Here Download
28" 20,000 19-1/2" 13-3/4" 28" Click Here Download
View Installation Instructions: Click Here View Architect/Engineering Specs: Click Here
*Inside diameter relates to the shaft only and therefore columns with a Tuscan Capital. Decorative Capitals sit on top of the column rather than sliding over the shaft, thereby limiting the amount of area for additional support. Additional support is only required when a column is split and still needs to be supportive or load bearing. Split columns are not load bearing.

Composite smooth columns are ideal for home owners or developers looking for a sturdy, long lasting solution impervious to water damage and bug infestation. Seasonal temperature variations have little effect on composite columns in comparison to traditional wood columns. Composite Columns are manufactured utilizing a strengthened fiber reinforced resin procedure that ensures added load capacity while maintaining a decorative stone like finish.These composite columns have been chosen for many years to adorn everything from home entrances to theme park facades.

  • Manufactured with FRP, for durability and longevity
  • Columns have a Stone like appearance and feel
  • Many dimensions available
  • Perfect as patio columns, porch columns and for pergolas or gazebos
  • Columns may be used around an existing support post when split.
  • structural fiberglass Columns have a Limited Lifetime Warranty
gazebo-fiberglass-columns-images pergola-fiberglass-columns-images entry-fiberglass-columns-images roma-corinthian-columns-images supplied Columns are architecturally designed to add lasting quality to your home or major project. These decorative columns are available as smooth or fluted columns in tapered or non-tapered (straight) column design. Column Bases are available as a Tuscan style or Attic base. Some sizes include the option to use a less expensive urethane or plastic Tuscan base and Capital, ideal for low traffic areas or where extreme whether conditions are unlikely.


These decorative resin columns may be used structurally or decoratively to add elegance as porch columns, Patio Support columns or decorative entryways. These round, fluted and straight columns is manufactured to precise standards utilizing fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP), often referred to as resin cast columns. FRP columns have the elegance of a wood column with the durability and ease of column installation enjoyed in a fiberglass composite column. can supply larger columns in some instances. Feel free to contact us for a quote.

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