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CONTRACTOR LENGTH CL12-M8673 Fluted Casing 5x126-1/2

CL12-M8673 Fluted Casing
CL12-M8673 Fluted CasingCL12-M8673 Fluted Casing
Retail Price: $127.93
Sale Price: $33.98
You Save: $93.95 (73 %)

Quantity Discounts:

12 to 29$29.90
30 to 49$28.20
50 or more$27.18

Item Number: CL12-M8673
Height: 5 11/16"
Length: 12 feet
Rise (Height): 4 7/16"
Projection: 3 1/2"
DEPARTS: Illinois warehouse within 5-7 bus.days.
Departs From: Illinois
Ships to Canada: Yes
Canadian Shipping: We take care of all brokerage and duty.
Minimum Order Quantity: 4 pieces
Material: Polyurethane Millwork
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There are some decorative accents in contemporary homes that originally served a functional purpose, such as horizontal level molding called chair rails. Chair rails, or chair rail molding is installed along walls, mostly in dining rooms, but can be placed in other rooms of the home as well. Especially since today, they are used mainly for their decorative attractiveness. Rumor has it that the original use for chair rails was to shield the backs of conventional chairs from damaging plaster on walls. 

Chair rails are frequently utilized in combination with another previous functional but now mostly decorative wall accent called wainscoting. Wainscoting features fine lines and exact measurements that are utilized when installing chair rails. However, the difference is that wainscoting features large panels installed in lower, and sometimes higher, segments of a wall, where chair rails are placed around 30 to 36 inches from the floor. Today, homeowners choose to install chair rails minus any wainscoting, leaving one color, or painting the lower half of the wall a contrasting color to replicate wainscoting.

Installing chair rails is not too difficult as long as you have the correct measurements. This is the most important step before mounting chair rails on your wall. Your DIY project can easily turn into a disaster if you must continuously place, and remove your chair rails due to improper measurements. You will need basic woodworking equipment and a comprehension of the angled-cuts and seams linked to molding installation. Chair rails frequently incorporate several kinds of molding, combined to produce an attractive railing. If your wall is very long and straight, you may be required to cut several sections of chair rail molding to stretch the complete length of the wall. 

The traditional rules of architecture are essential to deciding the correct size and placement of moldings in a room. Nonetheless, many decorators still believe that chair rails should only be a particular height from the floor. For example, you can find in colonial rooms with 10ft ceilings chair rails 30 from the floor. In addition, there are a few 18th century photos displaying chair rails at 24 inches from the floor. However, today few homes are built with 10ft ceilings, and therefore, the standard proportion is 30 to 36 from the floor. In fact, some report that traditionally, chair rails started out very low from the floor. 

Professional decorators advise purchasing a minimum of 10% -15% more material than you require in case of slip-ups. Either chair moldings can be miter cut to connect corners, or corner-blocks can be fitted to permit straight butt joints. A chair rail also adds a striking appearance to wallpaper. The chair rails can assist with the shift from plaster or wood to wallpaper. In addition, wallpaper is fragile; therefore, chair rails will help guard against tearing and scratching. Even though the original purpose for chair rails has all but disappeared, chair rail molding is still lovely to look at and adds an aesthetic appeal to any room.

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